The Leader’s Motivation Toolbox – Rilex General Construction (October 2022) [HarryPound In-House]

“Be a great leader of yourself first.”

Leaders are responsible for leading their teams to where they must be. They set the example and the standard for each and every step for all who follow them. It is never easy to take on this role, and that is why the leader must be different from the rest – most of the time being many steps ahead because of their broader perspective. But before you can become a great leader of your followers, you need to be a great leader of yourself first.

Leading the way means being ahead of everyone else – especially with the challenges along the way. You need to be able to lead yourself and become the example for everyone – most especially in the darkest moments, to be the guiding light.

This is a customized Leadership training exclusively for Rilex General Construction Corporation – A reputable firm that has been known for Architectural design and Build that varies from residential, commercial spaces and buildings.

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