Check out Management & Leadership training reviews by HarryPound. See our brand promise of relevance and applicability in action. The HarryPound experience is universal for all programs. For both in-house and public seminars, we focus on fun and easily applicable learning. Discover brand news ways to see things according to your role - as managers and leaders. Because learning becomes easier when it’s fun and memorable, our games and activities serve as both icebreakers and lessons.

Event Video Summaries – Management & Leadership seminars

Our Management & Leadership training reviews can be found in video summaries. If you would like to learn about the HarryPound Difference, you may see us in action in these videos. Watch our video summaries and learn about how our training methods are different. Read about participants' experiences and insights about our seminars. Find some wisdom from our expert trainers’ practitioner perspective.

If you were a participant, then you may even find yourself here! Look back on the lessons, the people, the food, the fun, and everything else!

The HarryPound Difference:

We know which topics are relevant because we understand the Philippine business landscape. Therefore, we focus on making our advice realistic and suited to business professionals. We always begin our training by giving participants the proper leadership mindset.

The HarryPound Philosophy: Manage resources, but lead people.

With this perspective in mind, success and fulfillment can be expected as a result. Team leaders must learn the value of their roles, and be responsible. We help managers realize this and the realities of their work to encourage their improvement. Our goal is to make managers go beyond managing and work to build and strengthen teams.

There’s always something new to learn in our programs, which is why we are ideal for both newbies and veterans.

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