Harnessing the Power of Self Reinvention – Natasha 2nd Gen (July 27, 2021)

“When you think everything is over, think again.”

There is always a way out of any adversity, as long as you are looking for it. Having to survive hard times will definitely change you – but at the core, it is almost always to make you better and much stronger. If many of us have continued to survive in this crisis, thriving will not seem far-fetched.

Natasha 2nd Generation members of Visayas and Mindanao learned to find ways to reinvent themselves. When you begin to look for good things amidst a crisis, you will find that there are more than you would expect. This will get the gears turning for you to eventually attract many new opportunities.

Congratulations and more power to #PamilyangNatasha! Find your way out of this crisis.

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