Building and Sustaining Resilience for Sales Success – Medical and Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. (July 8, 2022) [HarryPound In-House Training]

“There’s always a choice.”

Life is interesting because we as people always have choices we can make. There is no such thing as ‘No choice’ – but only limited choices depending on the situation. In today’s times, we’ve all had limited choices because of the many hurdles thrown at us. These adversities have shaped us, in one way or another. However, what we don’t see in ourselves is how much we’ve grown, and how much stronger we’ve gotten as we went through everything. For those of you who are still here, fighting or struggling, realize that you’ve only become better and wiser, no matter how you may feel.

We at HarryPound would like to thank Medical and Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. (MPSI) and its Sales Warriors for giving us the opportunity to share hope by choosing us and through your active participation throughout the session. More power to all of you!

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