The Basics of Leadership Success (Day 2) – Amicassa Process Solutions (June 16, 2022) [HarryPound In-House Training]

“It’s really becoming who you want to become – NOW.”

If you want to achieve something, every moment counts. Everything you do, from the moment you set your sights on it, can either bring you closer to what you want – or not. Luckily, success will leave its clues. Becoming who you want to be lies in the habits – live and act as if you are already there. For Leaders especially, your vision for your team and the success you achieve should guide you to determine what to do now. More than anything else, your vision should keep you on your toes – always trying to be productive and never wasting your time just waiting. This is why the Future is NOW.

We at HarryPound would like to express our honor and gratitude to Amicassa Process Solutions, Inc. for trusting us in their journey to growing as Leaders. More power and best of luck to everyone! We look forward to helping you through more development opportunities in this training partnership.

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