The New Leader in a Changing World (September 2-3, 2021)

“Progress over Perfection.”

As our world continues to change, more and more are affected and challenged by this. In a time just like war, it is not easy to manage the overwhelming chaos that keeps on coming. A leader in these times must keep up with changes and all the crises, and be able to think outside the box. Leadership has no single definition – because humanity is diverse. The environment, circumstances, and the way people are can all be different, and affect how leadership is defined.

In Business Unusual or War Times, there is hardly any room for perfection. With survival being the main focus, Progress over Perfection prevails. The crisis will end eventually, so long as enough progress is made to survive. If a leader dwells too much on perfection, we may not have what we need to see through the end of this crisis.

Create Flexible and Agile Leaders, for every situation.

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