The Basics of Leadership Success – Amicassa Process Solutions (June 13, 2022) [HarryPound In-House]

“People want to be successful.”

Contrary to popular belief, people DO want to be successful – no matter how they may be acting now. It’s part of human nature to want success. While this is often overlooked or misunderstood, it can actually make a great impact in achieving goals – if channeled properly. It’s all up to the leader how they will make their people move. After all, leading is all about motivating each individual to perform. It has its many challenges and hurdles, especially since people are different from each other and cannot be controlled. It is a leader’s job to understand their people – down to the very core. With this, a leader can definitely help the whole team reach success.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage for Day 1 of this training. The Day 2 video will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

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