Customized In-House Training Services

Customized In-house Training: HarryPound’s promise of relevant and applicable learning – tailor-fit to suit your organization’s unique training needs, at your location.

Our customization is crystallized. Not only do we consider your company’s internal needs, we also connect this to the Philippine Business setting to make your organization all the more competitive.

Here are the benefits of availing a Customized In-house Training Program by HarryPound:

  1. Customized Fit

In-house programs are specifically designed and adapted with only your company’s and employees’ needs in mind. You are assured of a highly-tailored program to achieve your learning objective. For every unique company situation, we can offer unique training programs to help provide solutions.

  1. Cost Efficiency

In-house programs eliminate the travel costs for your participants and can also help save on costs based on the number of participants you want to attend.

  1. Schedule Flexibility

Hectic schedules and heavy workloads may prevent your employees from attending public seminars. With in-house programs, the training schedule may freely be adjusted, according to their availability.

  1. Facilitator/Consultant’s Report

Our facilitator will submit a Post-seminar Evaluation report based on their observations and analysis of the program’s outcome.

This report provides key recommendations on how to further enhance the participants’ performance as they apply what they learned to maximize the benefits the company receives after the program.

  1. Better Absorption Rates

We know that learning is more meaningful when it’s fun. That’s why we make sure to give participants engaging and interactive activities to improve absorption rates.


The HarryPound Methodology

We use four proven and cohesive instructional strategies to design and conduct our workshops. These strategies are:

  1. Behavior Modeling

After determining the trainees’ baseline, positive models of behavior-based skills are then introduced based on the context of their current knowledge and insights. Role-play activities are utilized both in diagnosing the trainees’ baseline and in applying what they have learned from the models that they will use as reference. In the application phase, the trainees will be receiving guidance and reinforcement so they can properly demonstrate the correct behaviors, understand their importance, and the reasons behind them.

  1. Integrative Learning

We are committed to creating an enriching and highly supportive learning environment based on expectancy, diversity, and integrity. With our brand promise relevant and practical training in the Philippine business setting, we always consider the knowledge that the trainees already have and seek to fortify it rather than dictate and scrutinize their every action. In addition, we hand-pick and customize the specific types of training activities to be conducted, and logically schedule them to achieve a balanced and equal activation of the multiple intelligences.

  1. Adult Learner

At HarryPound, we focus on andragogy – adult education, which greatly differs from pedagogy – education for children. Pedagogy is the academic standard; however, the trainees have already reaped the results of this teaching method. In the corporate world, andragogy is necessary for bridging the gap and supplementing the knowledge that the trainees have acquired. In every workshop, we create a non-threatening learning environment where the trainees are encouraged to assume full responsibility in managing their own learning process. Our training method is geared towards leading trainees to discovering the best practices through their own insights so that their learning is applicable not only to their careers but to their own personal development as well. They are also encouraged to share their wealth of previous experiences, knowledge, and skills to help improve the overall learning process.

  1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Everyone is wired differently; that is the reason for diversity and multiple intelligences. We at Team HarryPound are aware of this fact, therefore our customization ensures diverse teaching methods for each trainee’s needs and mindset. This instructional strategy refers to the basic process of encoding, transferring, guiding, and modifying behaviors. Each trainee is guided to recognize their inner resources in overcoming imaginary mental barriers through activities that help achieve the desired state. We take advantage of incorporating this instructional strategy into our icebreaker activities to set the mood for learning.

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