Live Virtual Training and Interactive Webinars by HarryPound

HarryPound brings you Live Virtual Training and Interactive Webinars for the new normal. We have recalibrated our learning solutions for the 2024 Philippine economy and beyond.

Get Relevant, Practical, and On-target learning through our Live Virtual Training Programs and Webinars – designed for the NEW Philippine Business Setting.


The New Normal

The world has changed, and we’ve all felt it. Nothing is the same anymore, especially the way businesses work. The losses we’ve seen have created a new, and more challenging playing field. With no cure yet for COVID-19, we continue to be surrounded by uncertainty and difficulty.

Despite all the big news and lockdowns, people have started to fight back. The wait-and-see period is over and is no longer an option. With remaining funds exhausted, everyone is now willing to gamble for survival. The battle only gets fiercer from here.

Now, it’s survival of the fittest, of the fittest.

We scramble yet again to stay competitive. The Philippine business landscape is rough terrain, but the only option is to face these challenges head-on.


WIN This Crisis

In a world that is harsher than survival of the fittest, anyone who wants to keep fighting will need to be equipped with new strategies and tools.


For those of you who:

  • Want to survive and thrive in this crisis
  • Are serious about success
  • Need easily applicable strategies
  • Would like interactive, convenient virtual training

in this Pandemic Economy, We’ve Got You Covered.


The HarryPound Difference: More Than Webinars

We know that there isn’t a single “right” solution to all of this. One-size-fits-all never did fit everyone. At HarryPound, we let participants share their situation so we can help them find better solutions. With our Workshop and Roleplay-Intensive programs, participants apply as they learn and receive feedback in real time.

Our practitioner trainers work closely with commanders of businesses in various industries, giving them a broad and meaningful perspective on our real situation. In our mission to stay Relevant, all programs have been recalibrated to respond to today’s changes.


Invest In Your Recovery – Stay Ahead

To get more than a return on investment, improve your most valuable asset: The Human Resource.

In the New Normal of 2024 and beyond, quality teams hold the key in helping businesses – and in turn the economy, get through this crisis. Empower your people and encourage them to keep on. HarryPound includes motivation and personal development in each training program as part of our holistic approach for overall better results.

Go beyond skills and knowledge. As remote working increasingly becomes the norm, whole-hearted commitment is vital than ever.


Learning Never Stops

We can no longer stay the same. It’s time to Rethink, Re-tool, and Redirect our ways to fit the challenges of this changing world. A more complex environment needs updated skills, knowledge, and intrinsically motivated people than ever.

Let’s make sure we get the best ever recovery. With the economy earning at only 30% of its capacity, the battle will be tougher, and you will have to win all that you can to keep your company alive.


Gear up for 2024. If you want to win no matter what, start NOW. Click here to take the first step.