Public Seminars in Manila, Philippines

The HarryPound Group offers the best public seminars in Manila, Philippines. Our seminars are open to the public held in Leading Business Hotels and venues at reasonable prices.

We value meaningful learning; therefore we strive to give participants a full experience. A HarryPound seminar isn’t just training, because it’s your day out. Our training package includes the following: complete training kit, heavy snacks in the morning and afternoon, as well as a buffet lunch at the hotel restaurant.

The HarryPound Experience is the best you can get out of a public seminar. Based in Manila, Philippines, we ensure that the business hotels for our seminars are at prime locations. Further, the selected hotels are well-ventilated and have the best food and service worth every peso spent.

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You can choose among the following:

1. Intermediate Courses – One-Day duration

These seminars are centered on providing a combination of skills and knowledge enhancement for the participants. We ensure that these programs remain comprehensive while being convenient for participants’ schedules.

By presenting actual situations and new concepts, participants are allowed to analyze and synthesize the topics to their own corporate realities. These pave the way for a renewed perspective leading to better solutions to the present work challenges that they face.

2. Advanced Skills Building Courses – Two to Five-Day duration

These intensive courses are designed using a methodical, total skills-building style that ensures an incisive and holistic approach on the subject matter. Limited to twenty-five participants per session, participants are assured of hard-core learning and effectiveness.

Our facilitators use comprehensive learning techniques that are guaranteed to give value for money and high impact results. In addition to these, participants are given hard and soft copies of the learning materials. Furthermore, the measurability of results for these advanced skills-building courses are provided on a per participant basis to guide the client companies on how to maximize performance after the seminar.

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Experience the HarryPound Difference today! Choose a program below to view its outline and schedules.

Management Basics for New Managers and Supervisors
Leadership Essentials for the New Workplace
Problem Accounts Handling and Negotiation for Credit and Collection Professionals: In-person Training
Sales Management Plan Development for a Shifting Landscape
Sales Performance Monitoring and Analysis
Sales Problem Resolution Strategies
Successful Sales Negotiations: Strategies and Tactics
Proactive Strategies for Averting a Sales Slump: Improving your Sales Performance in Hard Selling Times
Professional Collection Skills Enhancement
The Essentials of Service Excellence
The Art and Science of Motivating Sales Teams
Customer Conflict: Management and Prevention
Strategies for Effective Selling in a Tough Economy