The New Leader in a Changing World – (February 21-22, 2022) | HarryPound Virtual Training

The New Leader in a Changing World – (February 21-22, 2022) | LIVE Virtual Training by HarryPound

“Storms don’t last.”

One of the age-old truths of life is that everything is fleeting; everything has an end. Even the greatest and most destructive storms will eventually pass. These storms may come at any point in our life to test us and change us. But what may be the most significant impact of these storms is that they teach us – to be stronger, and wiser. For those who are leaders in today’s world, it may seem like the most unfortunate situation. But, we offer you a new perspective: It’s the perfect time to learn. In these dark and difficult times, the perfect opportunity to grow and become the greatest is made available. Take on the challenge, and be ahead for many years to come. 

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