Check out Sales & Marketing training reviews by HarryPound. See every aspect of the HarryPound Difference in action and how we ensure that learning is relevant and practical for all. Whether an in-house program or public seminar, we make sure that the HarryPound experience is always the same.

Event Video Summaries - Sales & Marketing Seminars

Our Sales & Marketing training reviews come in the form of video summaries. Watch these videos in order to get an idea of how we conduct the programs. Read satisfied participants' reviews and gain more confidence to choose the right program. You may also gain insight in the Philippine business context from our expert trainers. If you were a participant, you may even find yourself here!

The HarryPound Difference: Competitive Sales & Marketing Strategies

At HarryPound, we focus only on the most relevant topics and offer a holistic but down-to-earth approach that makes learning much easier. We understand how the market has been constantly changing, but despite the challenges of it, we know how to help companies build the best teams to be competitive. See how participants improved their strategies in sales and marketing through fun learning activities. Our seminars are great for both newbies and veterans because they can both have great learning experiences.

Public Seminars by HarryPound

Our training packages for public seminars always include the following:

  • Training kit complete with exercises

  • Morning and afternoon snacks

  • Full-course buffet lunch

Our public seminars are held in Manila's leading business hotels. We aim to offer the perfect day out to make learning fun, not boring.

View schedules of our public seminars here.