HarryPound In-house Training: SLLI Global – Internal Service Culture Enhancement (Jan. 19, 2021)

After almost a year of life in the new normal, HarryPound has conducted its first live seminar – a Customized In-house training. We remain committed to our mission of training in the Philippine Business Setting, especially in these uncertain times.

“A brand is a promise.”

Have you ever wondered why there are brands that remain successful despite so much competition in the market? If everyone is trying to improve their quality and prices, how can a business stand out?

It’s the trust that customers give them – by continuously fulfilling their promise of excellent quality and service, every time.

A proper brand promise lies in the culture of the people in the organization. Each and every member must act in unison, adhering to the culture of service. In order to implement this successfully, the organization and its members must seek to merge and align their interests with the single goal of service excellence, for everyone’s benefit.

Building, or even enhancing a culture of service is not easy, but SLLI Global Marketing chose to start NOW.

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