Strategies for New Sales Managers – Level 1 [February 7, 2020]

“I need people to have the entrepreneurial mindset.”

As one climbs the corporate ladder, the job position changes with both the benefits and responsibilities. The same methods that worked in the past may need to change as well, as one is faced with more and more challenges. Thinking more like the owner indicates an understanding of the responsibilities, and the one true goal of management: getting things done. Having the big picture in mind is the main component of the entrepreneurial mindset. Because there is a need to soar higher in order to benefit everyone, things must get done.

Grow with HarryPound:

We would like to commend 2 recently promoted participants from Eastkem Industrial Inc!

They attended the Strategies for Effective Selling seminar by HarryPound 3 years ago. Now, they are ready once again to continue growing and learning for their new roles in middle management. Congratulations on your promotion. Thank you for choosing to be model salespeople with the drive to help your companies succeed.