Building a Culture of Service – Municipality of Guiguinto, Bulacan (August 19, 2022) [HarryPound In-House Training]

“You need to have passion.”

Public Service is the highest form of service – all actions affect many and cause great impact, whether positive or negative. Excellent Public Service starts with Excellent Frontline Service. To achieve Excellent Frontline Service, each and every public servant must have the passion. However, Passion is NOT Permanent – it even wavers when tested by hard times, but the path towards Nation Building will consist of countless battles. Keeping passion alive is about staying true to your identity. Public Servants are fortunate to be able to directly assist in Nation Building by improving the quality of life for everyone. By realizing the impact you bring through the role you play, your identity and passion can weather out the roughest storms.

Congratulations, participants! We at HarryPound salute the efforts of each and every public servant in the Municipality of Guiguinto, Bulacan. We would like to thank the Honorable Atty. Agay Cruz for trusting us. More power to all of you and best of luck in your journey!

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