Sales Performance Monitoring and Analysis

A critical function of sales leaders is to monitor and evaluate the sales performance of their teams. Based on research this is the most dreaded function of many sales leaders because it is the most difficult to do. It can get confrontational and create conflicts between the leader and the sales professional. However, having a negative mindset on the monitoring and evaluation functions can be counter-productive.

This program seeks to change the perspective on the controlling process. Evaluation should be done to help improve the sales people and not to make them feel inadequate in doing their jobs. The concepts and tools provided in this seminar are anchored on checking and correcting of their team’s sales efforts with the objective of guiding and not penalizing.

It is common practice to gauge each salesperson’s performance at the end of the period where nothing much could be done to correct the problem. This seminar presents a comprehensive way of analyzing performance problems and issues by adapting a more proactive approach.

In addition to this, sales pipeline management basics would be explained to help the sales leaders monitor the progression of sales opportunities their teams are working on for more consistent sales results.

Gap Analysis and problem solving frameworks would also be given to target the root causes of sales performance issues.  All these are intended to equip the sales leaders with a more focused and results-driven approach to control and improve the over-all sales performance.


Module 1:  Measuring and Evaluating of Sales Results vs. Goals

A. Monitoring Performance: A Critical Managerial Function

  1.Three Phases of Sales Monitoring and Control

    a. Anticipatory Control

    b. On-going Control

    c. Aftermath Control

 2. Understanding the Sales Pipeline

    a. Sales Pipeline Stages

    b. Computing your Pipeline Estimates

    c. The Components of the Pipeline Report

    d. Using Pipeline Reporting to Guide your Sales Team

B. Analyzing Sales Goals vs. Actual Results

  1. Types of Performance Gaps

     a. “Something is going wrong” Gap

     b. “It never did Work right” Gap

     c. “Goals/Expectations were increased” Gap

     d. “Double Trouble” Gap

  2. Differentiating Sales Problems and Sales Constraints

     1. Viewing the Issues you Face from a Position of Control

     2. Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Creativity

     3. Developing a Fighter Attitude


Module 2:  Identifying and Resolving the Sales Problem

A. Changing your View on Problems

  1. Problems as Sources of Insights and Improvement Areas

  2. How to Address Problems and Make Decisions Effectively

    a. Focus on what you want to Solve

    b. Clarify your Goals on solving the Problem

    c. Start with the “right” Problem

    d. View problems from a Systemic Perspective

    e. Be aware of Problem Disconnects

    f. Recognize your own Problem Solving “Blinders”

 B. The Problem-Solving and Decision Making Procedure

  1. Situational Analysis

  2. Cause and Effect Analysis

  3. Problem Identification

  4. Developing Alternative Courses of Action

  5. Deciding on the Best Alternative as the Solution

  6. Implementing the Solution

  7. Checking the Results: Follow-ups and Follow-throughs

C. Determining the Possible Root Cause of Sales Performance Gaps

  1. Sales Time Allocation

  2. Sales Activity Focus

  3. Sales Tools and Sales Support

  4. Customer Buying Behavior

  5. Competitive Situation

  6. Market Trends and Developments

D. Applying a Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

  1. Mutually discuss the Issue or Problem with the Concerned Salesperson

  2. Analyze the Reasons or Root Cause of the Issue Together

  3. Agree on the Objectives for Resolving the Problem

  4. Involve the Salesperson in creating an Action Plan to Resolve the Performance Issue

  5. Schedule a Periodic Review on the Progress

  6. Do a joint evaluation of the Results  


Participants will be entitled to the following:

- Training Manual

- Exercise Sheets

- Certificate of Completion

- Editable Action Plan Templates that can be used to guide the participants on the application of the principles and concepts learned.

-  Lunch with Am & Pm Snacks

Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] Based on prevailing Prom/Discount Code. Terms and conditions apply.

[ PREFERRENTIAL RATE ] P19, 500+VAT valid only for registrations and payments made within the assigned due date.

[ REGULAR RATE ] P20, 500+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date. 

P21, 500+VAT for on-the-day payments.