Effective leaders are the secret behind an organization’s success.

 They set the tone for all the people under them to make sure that they can propel the company towards the top. It is therefore paramount that they be equipped with the necessary tools to help the organization reach new levels.

We help manage one’s transition into a leader by making them understand and appreciate the importance of their roles as people enablers and role models. We help managers constantly improve their skills and knowledge through our various programs that progress from basic to advanced levels. We also update veterans on new insights and management techniques for today’s dynamic workforce.

Participants will learn how to go beyond simply managing people - they will learn the importance of building and strengthening teams. They will gain insight on how to foster deeper commitment, understanding, and trust among their team players.

These are the benefits of a Leadership and Management training program by HarryPound:

  1. Leadership mindset – The HarryPound Difference is about giving participants the proper state of mind to prepare them for the modules and their overall future in the managerial position.
  2. Effective action tools and techniques - The tools that we will be giving the participants are readily applicable after every learning session. Although other skills may take time for them to master, the training materials that they will have will remain valuable in their journey as leaders and managers in the long run.
  3. Problem-solving and decision-making skills - One good measure of effective leadership is their ability to make good decisions despite being in challenging situations. Our activities urge participants to reflect on their own challenges at work and apply our given frameworks to their own situations.
  4. Improvement of EQ - Participants are given a brand new perspective when dealing with people. Our modules tackle plenty of psychology topics to help them understand the way that their employees think, in order to help them strategize their management and leadership approaches.
  5. Touches on personal development - The best way to lead people is to lead by example. Apart from giving them the right mindset for leadership, we also encourage them and give tips on self-improvement and development so that their subordinates may emulate their excellent behavior, and help to build a success-oriented work culture in your organization.

Whether your managers are veterans, new to the position, or still being groomed for it, our selection of programs can cover your organization’s needs for creating competent leaders who are capable of empowering their people and managing their resources.