The New Leader in a Changing World

Live Webinar: 9am to 12nn (2 days of 3-hour sessions)        

[ Limited to 25 participants only ]

Registration closes February 26, 2021   


Leadership is defined in so many ways but dynamic leadership entails so much more. Extraordinary leadership is now required in order to succeed in today’s challenging work environment.  Leading has transcended from simply dictating and commanding, it now means living, influencing and exciting subordinates to brave new frontiers of uncertainty and change.

This webinar delves into the importance of the effective leader as the center of renewal and success within the organization.  It tackles vital concepts based on psychological, behavioral and managerial findings and research that will help the participant grasp a deeper understanding of the leader’s role and responsibilities.

The end-result is an individual ready to face the challenges of Change, Progress and Success not only for him/herself, but more importantly for the whole organization and the clients being served.


Module I – Embracing Leadership

A. Appreciating your Value  

  1. Upside and Downside of Leadership

  2. Clarifying your Purpose as a Leader


B. The Power of Self-Motivation

  1. Changing your Mindset

  2. Role Modeling for Effective Performance

     a. Leaders as Dispensers of Enthusiasm

     b. Self-Management Tips


Module II – Leading Change

A. Ambidextrous Leadership

  1. Differentiating between how things are done and how things can be done  

  2. Why Managing Change and Innovation are essential

Activity: The Ambidexterity Test


B. The Equation for Change

  1. A Discontentment with Present Performance

  2. A Clear Vision and Purpose

  3. Development of 1st Steps

  4. Readiness for Change


C. Implementing Changes

  1. The Problems Caused by Backsliding

  2. The 3 stages of Change Implementation


Module III: Leading People

A. The Self-fulfilling Prophecy

  1. What is the Self-fulfilling Prophecy?

  2. Ways we validate or invalidate people

  3. Problems of Building a Team in a Class Structure

  4. The Leadership Bank Account


B. The Power of Motivating your People

  1. Understanding your People

     a. Performance Problem Analysis  

     b. Tips on Managing Different Employee Work Behavior

  2. The Push and Pull Principle of Motivation

  3. Praising and Reprimanding with Positive Impact

     a. Praising that Empowers


C. Tips on Managing Work Challenges

  1. Stress

  2. Rejection and Frustration


Module IV – Enhancing your Value to the Company

A. Managing your Boss’ Expectations

  1. Getting the Job done

  2. Helping your Company achieve its goals

  3. Being a Positive Influence in the Workplace

  4. Managing the Tensions of Leadership


B. The Paradox of Leadership

C. Your Take-home Action Assignment: Applying what you have learned