Welcome to The HarryPound Blog – Practical Wisdom

Welcome to the HarryPound Blog – Practical Wisdom. Find free learning on Increasing Sales, Improving Management & Leadership Skills, and more!

At HarryPound, we focus on adult learning. In our seminars, our method focuses on encouraging participants to adopt the proper mindset so they can have their discovery in their own way. Now, we are also delivering free learning from our seminars, to your screens.

We take into consideration how busy the day of a working adult could be, and how reading may even seem like a luxury with whatever time or energy that remains. We value your time and energy, which is why we make sure that our articles are brief and very easy to understand. On average, blog entries will only take 5-8 minutes to read. You can also learn more from the articles and other resources that we include.

Practical Wisdom is a blog that offers exactly that – wisdom from our facilitators and writers for personal and professional development, that is immediately applicable at the same time. Get the same brand of relevant and applicable learning, especially in the Philippine business setting.

We know that the situations and cultures in our country are different, with various influences and their own complexities that make for a unique context. Learning how to thrive in your career or business is already a challenge, and with limited resources that are in the Philippine setting, it’s no surprise that finding real examples and solutions that truly work can be puzzling.

Now, the possibilities for free learning are endless: Increase sales, improve your management or leadership approach, understand your customers better, and do much more to lead the change in this competitive arena.

Need to stay updated? We’ve got you covered. While we’re offering wisdom – timeless advice about having the right mindset for success (among other things), we change with the times. Our content is carefully crafted and researched to ensure a proper understanding of current events regarding the Philippine economy and business landscape. Learn about current trends in business, and how to adapt with them.

Welcome to the HarryPound Blog – where enriching the mind is now quick, easy, and free.