How do you make your brand stand out?

 When nearly all industries in business become more and more homogeneous in every aspect (price, specifications, offers/deals, etc.) how else can you distinguish your company from the many others and give it a fighting chance? 

Customers now have a variety of choices especially when it comes to price or quality. Innovation and technology have truly changed the game of business, further leveling the playing field. One of the lacks of this kind of system that we can provide is the human touch when it comes to transactions. The way that a customer is served can truly impact their experience with your brand. Excellent customer service has now become the main differentiator that can make or break any business.

In order for service excellence to truly be effective, we at HarryPound encourage building a culture of excellent customer service within the entire organization. Our modules provide comparison points for participants to fully understand how much of a difference having excellent customer service truly makes. Our training programs focus on the various aspects of culture-building from the essentials, enhancement, leading service teams, to managing customer complaints. 

These are the benefits of a Service Excellence training program by HarryPound:

  1. Service-oriented mindset - From start to finish, we focus on helping the participants in developing the mindset for providing customers with the best experience. Apart from making them understand the importance, we also conduct various activities to better help them grasp the concepts.
  2. Service Culture action tools - Our action tools for building a service-oriented culture in the workplace are relevant and applicable, just as our brand promises. At the end of every learning session, we guarantee that participants will gain at least one insight that they can immediately apply to their work.
  3. Psychology insights - We explain why customers act the way that they do, and how to help them have the best experience. We encourage participants to take into account the eccentricities that every person may have and to combine psychology principles when it comes to serving customers.
  4. Big picture approach - Apart from a service-oriented mindset, we also present them with the big picture; how service can make or break a business in all its departments. Understanding this will make it easier to start building a service culture that will be attractive to both customers and employees to stay.