In business, effective communication is essential for making sure that everything that needs to be done is accomplished properly and efficiently. 

Our programs on Business Communication cater to Filipino users of the English language. We explain common grammar pitfalls in the Philippine context, and give practical pointers for correcting them. 

For business writing, we combine getting to the bottom-line of the document but also making it sensitive to the reader’s experience, especially in terms of their feelings. Putting more thought into one’s written communication habits helps to strengthen bonds with both customers and the team, increasing overall profitability of the organization while gaining more meaningful interactions.

These are the benefits of a Business Communication training program by HarryPound:

  1. Contextual English grammar modules - Our modules are based on common grammatical errors made by Filipino english speakers to shorten their learning curve as much as possible.
  2. Efficient business writing techniques - We encourage a more direct to the point writing style for emails and business correspondences so that confusion and miscommunication may be avoided.
  3. Empathy for readers - In every portion of the workshops, we continuously foster the development of the proper mindset for effective business writing that also considers the perspective of the business reader.
  4. Improved vocabulary - Another important aspect of being an effective communicator in the business context is the optimized usage of words for any context. Apart from suggesting better words to use, we also clarify similar-sounding words that are often confused by many (e.g. advice vs. advise).
  5. Quick skills building - Because of the guided practical exercises and activities conducted at several points throughout the seminar, grammar and writing skills can be built quickly. We offer both individual and group exercises for business communication for personal development and additional input from fellow attendees.

It’s never too late to master all facets of the English language. With how it remains to be the most widely-spoken language when it comes to business, improving the skills in English is still vital than ever.