The Competitive Selling Toolkit

Target Attendees:

Sales Managers and sales professionals, including account managers, sales executives and sales representatives

Program Description:

In these times where the competitive nature of business is really taking its toll on our salespeople, arming them with better tools is a must.

This is the time for salespeople to be more proactive and plan their actions before they “go for the close.” This seminar presents new concepts and techniques to understand the “best” customers to target, the “best” approach to persuade them and the “best” way to build and sustain relationships with them. All these should be done in the light of the competitive forces the salespeople will face. This ensures that they are more precise and decisive on how to manage each customer interaction to deliver better sales results.

Learning Points and Objectives:

The participants will be guided on how to:

     1. Evaluate the “best” type of customers to serve during challenging selling times

     2. Understand and align your selling process to the buyer’s decision making process

     3. Focus on the client’s buying risks and find out how your solution fits

     4. Analyze your competitive situation and provide proof to support the benefits you offer

     5. Spot and adjust to “deal breakers” and Competitive Threats or Advances

     6. Develop a Competitive Selling Framework

     7. Narrow your Focus: Targeting the Right Competitors

     8. Create a Competitive Selling Action Plan: Combining the Strategic and Tactical Approach

What makes this Seminar different?

This seminar is focused on helping the participants:

Improve your sales win ratio through a more proactive selling approach

Know how to apply an in-depth analysis of the buyer’s perspective during difficult business times

Be able to manage the common sales barriers like price, quality and regular suppliers through a risk-oriented selling approach

Learn the value of anchoring your sales actions to critical buyer objectives to close more deals

Develop the skill in preparing competitive selling strategies and tactics for specific prospects and existing customers


Module I – The Basics of Competitive Selling in Challenging Times

     A. Analyze your Sales Goals and Priorities

          1. Targeted Goal Setting

               a. By Salesperson

               b. By Territory

               c. By Product or Service Category

          2. Targeted Market Analysis

               a. Regular Customers

               b. New Customer Acquisitions

               c. Lost Customer Re-acquisition

               d. New Markets or Segments to Tap

          3. Targeted Product or Service Focus

               a. Analyzing your Star Products and Services

               b. Analyzing your Weak Products and Services

          4. Developing a Targeted Sales Plan

               a. Specifying your Sales Goals

               b. Identifying your Sources of Sales

               c. Setting your Priority Products and Customers to Tap

     B. Analyze your Customers’ Buying Process

          1. Top Buyers’ Criteria during Tough Times

          2. How Buying Decisions are made in Today’s Business Environments

          3. Multiple Buying Centers vs. Single Buying Center

          4. Analyzing your Customers and Prospects’ Decision Making Process

     C. Analyze your Competitive Selling Situation

          1. Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

          2. The Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses Grid

          3. Identifying Competitive Areas to Capitalize On


Module II – Competitive Selling Strategies

     A. Defensive Strategies

          1. Analyzing Proactive Strategic Initiatives

          2. Protecting Existing Accounts

          3. Defending against Competitor Advances

     B. Offensive Strategies

          1. Mastering the 3-Move Attack

          2. Identifying Viable Competitors to Target

          3. Targeting the “Best” Accounts, Territories and Prospects

          4. Creating New Promotions and Pricing Campaigns

     C. Cease and Desist Strategies

          1. Identifying Lost Cause and Free Rider Customers

          2. Identifying Weak Markets and Products

          3. Creating a Cease and Desist Plan

     D. Advance Strategies

          1. Tapping New Territories

          2. Tapping New Market Segments

          3. Offering New Products/Services and Value Fighters


Module III – Competitive Selling Tactics

     A. Create New Market Offerings

          1. Explore Innovative Products and Services to Offer

          2. Develop Creative Pricing Options

          3. Re-package Existing Product Offerings

     B. Strengthen Business Relationships

          1. Moving up the Customers’ Mind Ladder

          2. Developing Partnerships and Alliances

          3. Use Strategic Prospecting

          4. Offer Clients New Insights and Advice to Improve their Business

     C. Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

          1. Leverage your Competitive Advantage

          2. Understand your Customers’ Strategy and Goals

          3. Develop Defensive and Offensive Strategies against Competitors


Module IV – The Competitive Selling Action Plan: The Take-Home Action Assignment

     A. Competitive Situation Analysis

     B. Sales Objectives and Targets

     C. Identifying Competitive Strategies to be Used

     D. Specifying Competitive Tactics to be Applied

     E. Creating your Implementation Plan

     F. Evaluating the Results and Developing Corrective Actions