The Art of Motivating Sales Teams-Workshop Intensive

This  program focuses on how to align the motivational approaches and tools used by the sales leader in deriving the best performance from each and every member of the sales team. It also focuses on the leadership approaches that can be used to guide different types of salespeople. The objective is to understand how to adapt and apply leadership and motivational methods to the specific situation, the priority and the type of follower.

This leads to the deviation from a one-style-fits-all leadership approach to a more effective one-style-fits-one leadership approach. This, in turn, provides a more targeted and decisive way of leading and motivating the different types of salespeople personalities within the team.


Module 1:  Leadership and Motivational Approach Alignment

A. What makes Motivating Salespeople Distinct?
    1. Understanding Motivational Drives
        a. Achievement Motivation
        b. Affiliation Motivation
        c. Competence Motivation
        d. Power Motivation

    2. The 4 General Types of Salespeople
        a. The Ego Salesperson
        b. The Pleaser Salesperson
        c. The Authoritative Salesperson
        d. The Principled Salesperson

    3. Analyzing your Sales Team’s Motivational Drive and Performance

B. Aligning your Leadership Style to your Followers
    1. The 6 Leadership Styles
    2. The Leadership Grid
    3. The Need to Adapt your Leadership Style to the Situation
        a.  Type of Follower
        b. Situation and Priority

C. Communication as a Motivational Tool
    1. Communication Issues between Sales Leader and Sales Team
    2. Tips for Communication Improvements
        a. Verbal & Non-verbal
        b. Active Listening
        c. Giving Instructions
        d. Correcting Employee Behavior

D. Ways to Boost your Sales People’s Motivation
    1. Three Stages of Motivation
    2. Three types of People in a Team
    3. Four Factors that Motivate Sales People
    4. Practical Ways to Boost Motivation
    5. The Effects of Positive and Negative Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Module 2:  Training and Developing your Sales People: Checking Skills and Performance Gaps

A. The Issues of Developing Sales People
    1. Managing Learning Curve
    2. Addressing the Complacency Mindset
    3. Pushing versus Pulling Subordinates to Perform
    4. Measuring the Profitability and Directability of your People

B. Analyzing your Team’s Sales Process Problem Areas
    1. Breaking down the Selling Stages
        a. Prospecting Activities
        b. Lead Qualification Activities
        c. Approach Activities
        d. Objection handling and Negotiation Activities
        e. Closing Activities
        f.  Relationship Building Activities

    2. Specifying Problem Areas of each Salesperson
    3. Providing Ideas to Fine tune Sales Activities
    4. Sales Performance Follow-ups and Follow-throughs

C. The Performance Intervention Methods
    1. Coaching
    2. Counseling
    3. Mentoring
    4. Disciplining
    5. When to Apply the “Right” Performance Intervention


Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] P5, 799+VAT for payments made within the assigned due date

[ REGULAR RATE ] P6, 199+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date

P6, 499+VAT for on-the-day payments 




Live Virtual Training

8:30am to 12:30pm
3 Days of 4-Hour Sessions