Strategies for Managing Declining Sales- Workshop Intensive

Live Virtual Training: 8:30am to 12:30pm (3 days of 4-hour sessions)        

Remaining Slots: 14 [ Limited to 15 participants only ]

Registration closes October 13, 2021              


As we approach the 3rd quarter of 2021, you may be encountering the following challenges:

  1. The economic slowdown has affected your ability to easily hit sales targets

  2. Many of your customers are hurting and more difficult to convince

  3. Confirmed orders are being delayed and new deals are not closing  

  4. The sales team is getting de-motivated, panicky and frustrated  


If you are experiencing these effects of a sales slump, this seminar is for you. Old strategies and selling techniques may not work as we hurdle the new challenges that we face. Hoping that things will turn out well is not a PLAN, it is wishful thinking.

The pressures and demands to hit the projected sales growth targets are stronger than ever and you need to know what you can do and how you can do it.


Live Virtual Training Objectives:

This workshop was developed to help sales managers and sales professionals to develop key strategies to weather the challenges of declining sales.  


Key Learning Points:

  1. How to analyze the sales slumps you are experiencing

  2. How to assess the possible root causes of these Sales Slumps

  3. How to create selling strategies that fit your situation and resolve your sales decline issues

  4. How to translate these strategies into applicable selling tactics to boost your sales wins


Module I – Understanding Sales Declines and Sales Slumps

A. The Symptoms of Economic Downturns

  1. Differentiating Bad Selling Days and Real Sales Slumps

  2. How your Sales Performance gets Affected

  3. Facts to Remember when Sales Decline

B. Analyzing the Big Picture

  1. Are you on the Selling Decline or is it the Buying?

  2. Evaluating your Selling Process

  3. Probing the Buying Side of the Equation

  4. Identifying the Root Causes and Gaps of Sales Declines


Module II – Sales Decline Management Strategies

A. The Equation for Sales Optimization Strategy

  1. Having the “Right” Sales Team

  2. Doing the “Right Things”

  3. Armed with the “Right Tools”

  4. Given the “Right Support”

  5. To persuade Clients to make the “Right Decision”

  6. “Right NOW”

B. Analyzing your Sales Team’s Effectiveness

  1. Performers vs. Slackers

  2. Sales Time Allocation

  3. Sales Activity Focus

  4. Sales Tools and Sales Support

C. Analyzing your Customers  

  1. How Customers buy during Economic Slowdowns

  2. Evaluating the Customers’ Key Buying Triggers

  3. Analyzing your Product Portfolio and Strategies  

  4. Matching your Selling to the Customer’s Decision Making Process


Module III – Sales Decline Management Tactics

A. Internal Issues to Address

  1. Sales Team’s Attitude and Skills Gap

  2. Accountability, Discipline and Performance

  3. Customer Value Selling Points

  4. Defined Target Accounts per Salesperson

B. External Issues to Address

  1. Customers’ Need and Budget

  2. Timing and Buying Centers / Decision Makers

  3. Competitors’ Tactics  

  4. Market Trends and Developments


Module IV – Phased Planning and Implementation Framework: Managing and Averting Sales Declines

A. Market and Customer Base Analysis

B. Sales Team Analysis

C. Sales Management Analysis

D. Sales Support and Tools Analysis

E. Customer Buying Process Analysis

F. Specific Strategies and Tactics you can apply

G. Implementing and Evaluating your Plan


Participants will be entitled to the following:

- Digital Copy of Training Manuals - Exercise Sheets

- Certificate of Completion

- Editable Action Plan Templates that can be used to guide the participants on the application of the principles and concepts learned.


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1. P4, 999+VAT rate will apply for reservations paid within the assigned due date

2. P5, 499+VAT rate will be applied for payments made beyond the assigned due date (system generated)

3. The P6, 499+VAT shall apply for on-the-day payments

4. Payments should be made through bank to bank payment system.