Strategies for Growing Sales in Challenging Times: In-person Training

It’s hard to predict when COVID-19 will stop challenging the world. With regular bombardment of news headlines about bleak global business projections, sales professionals are indeed swimming in a sea of fear and uncertainty. Prospects of a continuing economic downturn translate to more difficulties in hitting sales targets and convincing customers to buy.

This program is intended to help the participants gain a better understanding of the changes in the selling environment. This gives them an opportunity to better prepare themselves with a better perspective and develop better skills to push them to succeed. This is the time for sales people to gear up and become the true heroes for their companies’ growth. After all, Sales Growth is the goal of every company, regardless of economic conditions.

If you need new ideas and techniques that will help:  

    •Get your sales out of “neutral mode” and push it into “drive mode”

    •Build and grow your sales from both new and existing customers

    •Be confident in meeting the sales challenges that we will encounter  

Then you need to start NOW. Make way for better sales results in 2023.


Target Participants:

Sales people and sales leaders, as well as business professionals who are tasked with the planning, designing and implementing of sales growth activities within a company.

Module I - Growth in an Uncertain Business Climate

A. Is Growth Still Possible?

  1. Growth defined

  2. Understanding the Measures of Effectiveness in Sales Growth

B. Analyzing the Uncertainties we face

  1. Getting a Feel of the Business Environment

  2. The Basics of Growing Sales in Tough Times

     a. Sales Growth and Declines

     b. Why do Sales Declines happen?

     c. Selling based on Economic Realities

     d. Differentiating your Selling Style  

     e. Choosing to Succeed against the odds

C. Three Areas that will be different in an Economic Downturn

  1. The Progression of the Sale  

     a. Managing existing customers  

     b. Tapping new prospects and opportunities

     c. The Management of your Selling Time and Schedules

     d. Matching your Selling Process to the Client's Buying Cycle

  2. The Sale Approval Process

     a. Varying Buying Criteria and Decision Factors

     b. Lengthy Evaluation Process before Approval

     c. Emergence of More Sale Blockers  

  3. Nature of Client Objections

     a. Increase in "new" objections

     b. Higher client demands during negotiation

     c. Critical Areas to Prepare for

        1) The Belt-tightening Factor

        2) The Value Factor

        3) Negotiating from a Position of Power

 [ Activity: Client Decision Making Process Analysis ]

Module II - Penetrating your Existing Market

 A. Identifying your Most Viable Customer

  1. Differentiating your High Value vs. Low Value Customers  

  2. Matching your Sales Approach based on the Customer's Value

B. Developing Offerings that Reflect the Customers' Situation

  1. Specifying the Customers' Incentives and Rewards if they buy from you  

  2. Packaging your Product to reflect the market sentiment and buying mood  

  3. Product and Service Strategies that boost customer buying

[ Activity: Rewards Program Development Analysis ]

Module III - Tapping New Sources of Sales

 A. Expanding your Customer Focus

  1. Targeting High Value Prospects and Leads  

  2. Setting the Criteria for High Value Prospects  

  3. The NBATCO Approach


B. Planning your Moves for New Opportunity Capture

  1. Analyzing the Prospect's Buying Process  

  2. Assessing your Positioning with the Decision Makers  

  3. Creating your Opportunity Capture Plan  

  4. Implementing and Evaluating your Results

[ Application Exercises- 1 ]

Module IV - Clarifying your Sales Focus: Sales Growth Action Planning

 A. Creating your Sales Growth Action Plan  

  1. Specifying your Sales Goals  

  2. Identifying your Sources of Sales to meet your Goals  

     a. Existing Sources

     b. New Sources


  3. Analyzing the Sales Challenges that you face

     a. Existing Sources

     b. New Sources

  4. Action Planning to Address each Challenge

     a. Procedural Action Steps

     b. Resources Needed

     c. Person/s Responsible

     d. Time Frame for Accomplishment

     e. Key Results or Target Accomplishments

[ Application Exercises- 2 ]

  5. Evaluating your Results

     a. Goal vs. Results Analysis  

     b. Understanding the Causes of the Gap  

     c. Taking Corrective Actions  

B. The Elements of Sustainable Sales Growth

  1. Attitude  

  2. Commitment  

  3. Discipline  

  4. Challenges  

  5. Courage  

  6. Action

Participants will be entitled to the following:

- Training Manual

- Exercise Sheets

- Certificate of Completion

- Buffet Lunch at the Flavors Restaurant with Am & Pm Snacks

Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] Based on prevailing Discount Code [ valid only for registrations and payments made within the assigned due date ]


P19, 500+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date 

P20, 500+VAT for on-the-day payments