Strategies for Effective Selling in a Tough Economy- Workshop Intensive

Target Attendees:

This program is for both new and experienced sales professionals, including account managers, sales executives and sales representatives.

Program Description:

The market is constantly changing. Our customers are getting more demanding and are more informed, our competitors are becoming more aggressive and our products and services are turning-out to be more similar compared to others in the market. Many sales professionals find themselves in difficult situations in their quest to continue winning more deals for the company.

That is why it is critical for our salespeople to update their skills in handling the complexities of the selling environment today. This program presents new strategies and tactics on how to match their selling approach to the tough challenges and customers they face in an ever changing business landscape.

Learning Points and Objectives:

The participants will be guided on how to:

     1. Target prospects and qualify leads effectively

     2. Analyze your selling situation prior to contact

     3. Set appointments with the “right” decision maker

     4. Prepare customer-centered presentations

     5. Manage Customer Meetings, Objections and Negotiations

     6. Establish commitment and close the sale

     7. Analyze and Correct Sales Process Results


What makes this live virtual training different?

This program is focused on helping the participants:

     1. Study new selling strategies and tactics by breaking down the entire sales process from targeting prospects to approaching clients and closing deals

     2. Learn how to analyze your selling situation using the NBATCO approach – Need, Budget, Authority, Timing, Competitors and Other issues

     3. Develop confidence and skills in managing customer interactions

     4. Be able to manage objections and negotiations better

     5. Manage the closing and relationship-building phase with customers and prospects

     6. Understand the value of evaluating the results of your sales activities


Module I – The Value of a Career in Selling

     1. Life in Sales: A Reality Check

           A. What’s in it for you to be in Sales?

           B. Myths and Facts About a Sales Career

           C. Being in Sales: Accident or Destiny?

                      Activity: Sales Problem Identification and Assessment

           D. Managing your Fears and Rejections

     2. Accepting Responsibility for your Sales Success

           A. Analyzing your Sales Responsibilities and Results

           B. Motivating yourself to Succeed

           C. Analyzing your Productivity and Performance: What do you need to change?


Module II – The Elements of Effective Selling

     A. Knowing your Company and your Products and Services

     B. Knowing your Customer

          1. Who are your customers?

          2. Segmenting your Accounts

               a. Existing Accounts (Key, Average and Minor)

               b. Prospective Accounts (Key, Average and Minor)

          3. Analyzing the Customer Buying Cycle and your Selling Process

               a. Matching the Stages of Buying and Selling

               b. Two Major Reasons why Customers don’t buy

          4. Understanding Customer Buying Mode

               a. I’m not interested to buy

               b. I’m no longer happy with what I have

               c. I want to have a choice

          5. Managing Customer Buying Mindsets

               a. Price-based Orientation

               b. Value-based Orientation

               c. Managing Customer Buying Risks

     C. Knowing your Competitors

               a. Who are your Competitors?

                    1) Macro-level

                    2) Micro-level

               b. Analyzing your Competitive Situation vs. Competitors

                    1) Competitive Uniqueness

                    2) Competitive Parity

                    3) Competitive Advantage

                    4) Competitive Disadvantage

               c. Managing Competitors by knowing what they offer

                    5) Marketing and Sales Mix Elements

                     6) Comparative Analysis of Competitive Offerings


Module III – The Essentials of Selling Solutions to Customers

     A. The 2 Types of Selling Approaches

          1. The Strategic Approach

          2. The Tactical Approach

     B. The Stages of Selling

          1. The Prospecting Pipeline

               a. Prospect Quantity vs. Prospect Quality

               b. Analyzing your Sales Process from Prospective Sales to Closed Deals

                      Activity: The Pipeline Analysis Exercise

          2. Lead Qualification and Pre-Approach Planning

               a. The NBATCO Approach – Need, Budget, Authority, Timing, Competitors and Other Issues

               b. Planning for the Customer Meeting

          3. The Approach Strategies

               a. Meeting the Customer

                    1) Rapport Building and Probing

                    2) Analyzing the “FIT” between their Need/Want and your Solution

               b. The Presentation Stage

                    1) The Opening

                    2) The Body

                    3) The Call to Action

               c. Managing Objections and Negotiating

                    1) Analyzing Objections you Encounter

                    2) Developing Appropriate Responses to Customer Objections

          4. The Closing Stage

               a. What makes Closing difficult?

               b. Understanding Customer Buying Signals

               c. Power Closing Strategies

          5. Relationship Building and Account Maintenance

               a. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction during the sales and delivery process

               b. Becoming the Customers’ Emotional Favorite

               c. Turning Customers into your Loyal Evangelists


Module IV – Developing your Strategies for Effective Selling

     A. The Prospecting Pipeline Approach

          1. Analyzing Customer Buying Criteria

          2. Matching the Customers Preferences to your Offering

     B. Lead Qualification and Influence Network Mapping

          1. Account Profiling and Planning

          2. Identifying who needs influencing and why?

          3. Finding Connections and Influencers

     C. The Approach and Closing Strategies

          1. Probing the Customer’s Buying Motivators

          2. Adapting your Presentation to Specific Customer Needs

          3. Closing at the “Right” Time

     D. Maintaining and Boosting the Relationship

          1. Preventing Competitors from acquiring your existing customers

          2. Cultivating Credibility, Trust and Building Rapport with Prospective customers

     E. Developing your 3-Month Effective Selling Strategies Action Plan

          1. Setting your Sales Targets and Objectives for the Period

          2. Developing Procedural Action Steps to Achieve your Objectives

          3. Identifying Resources and Support Needed and the Person/s responsible

          4. Setting the Time Frame for Accomplishment

          5. Setting the Performance Measurement and Key Results to be Achieved

          6. Evaluating your Sales Results and Developing Corrective Measures


Participants will be entitled to the following:

- Digital Copy of Training Manuals - Exercise Sheets

- Certificate of Completion

- Editable Action Plan Templates that can be used to guide the participants on the application of the principles and concepts learned.


Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] P5, 799+VAT for payments made within the assigned due date

[ REGULAR RATE ] P6, 199+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date

P6, 499+VAT for on-the-day payments 




Live Virtual Training

3 Days of 4-hour sessions