Managing for Results in a Complex Environment

Today, businesses are going through major disruptions on a global scale. Companies need to have managers and leaders who have the ability to get the results needed from their people in a workplace filled with uncertainty and chaos.  

Guiding people to effectively respond to a rapidly changing world will prove to be indispensable in maintaining the level of products and services our customers have been accustomed to if we are to remain competitive in the markets we serve.

This live webinar paves the way for the participants to appreciate the advantages of their work and at the same time, develop meaningful insights on how to manage well amidst all the challenges. The result will be a shift in the management mindset from being overwhelmed by oppressing obligations into seizing and making the best out of incredible opportunities.  


Module I – Managing in a Changing Workplace  

A. The New Realities of a Manager’s Job

  1. Understanding the General Shape of things to come

  2. Achieving Results through and with People in a rapidly changing environment

  3. Remaining Calm and Collected in crisis situations

     a) Concerns

     b) Influence  

     c) Control

B. The New Management Paradigm: Managing Resources and Guiding People in different locations

  1. Learning to manage different work teams  

     a. On-site Teams  

     b. Remote Teams  

     c. Hybrid Teams

  2. Embracing your Role to Lead amid Rapid Changes  

     a. Understanding the Human Psyche in Stressful Situations

     b. Managing your Personal Experiences

     c. Becoming the bridge for Normalcy


[ Individual Activity: Analyzing Current Obstacles and Challenges at Work ]


Module II – Revisiting the Functions of Successful Management Work

A. The Ability to Plan

  1. Coping with Uncertainty

  2. Essentials of Good Planning

  3. Problem Solving and Decision Making

B. The Ability to Organize

  1. The Nature of People and Organizations

  2. Understanding Organization Structures and Cultures

  3. The Art of Delegating to Develop Self-Directed Individuals

C. The Ability to Motivate

  1. The Dynamics of Communication

  2. Motivating Job Performance

  3. Influence Processes and Leadership

  4. Developing Trust and Teamwork

  5. Change and Conflict Resolution Strategies

D. The Ability to Control

  1. Dimensions of Control

  2. Identifying Control Problems

  3. New Perspectives on Cost Control and Cost Management

  4. The Crisis Management Framework


[ Individual Activity: Identifying Changes that need to be implemented in your team ]


Module III – Moving Forward in Times of Unrest, Uncertainty and Change

A. The Manager as the Center of Success and Renewal

B. Gaining Commitment vs. Compliance in Getting Work Done  

C. Leading an Excellent Team: Are you ready for the challenge?


Module IV– The Take-home Action Assignment

A. Creating your 3-Month Managerial Action Plan

B. Monitoring your Progress


Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] P4, 299+VAT for payments made within the assigned due date

[ REGULAR RATE ] P4, 699+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date

P4, 999+VAT for on-the-day payments 




Live Virtual Training

8:30am to 12:30pm
2 Days of 4-hour sessions