Essentials of Service Excellence

The business environment is getting to be more challenging no matter what industry you belong to. Every year, the products and services we offer as well as those offered by our competitors become more equivalent. They are nearly equal in price and specifications.

For the longest time, we have focused on price and quality as the main factors in differentiating our product and service offerings. But the fact is, our customers are focusing on the way they are served. This led to the drive for businesses to improve more on providing valuable service through genuine customer care.  Today, more and more companies are focused on providing the “best customer experience” that will create “customers for life!”

The foundation of this initiative will be the employees and the culture of customer service within the company.  However, serving customers is not the same as providing the “best customer experience.” Going beyond traditional service concepts, this seminar presents new and innovative ways to create strong customer relationships in easy to understand and relevant situations.

The seminar discussion will be divided into three (3) areas:

The main purpose of this program is to provide your employees an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge to consciously pursue excellence in every customer contact.

The bottom line is to build a customer service advantage for your company in a dynamic, and increasingly competitive market that would attract, retain and delight clients.

Part 1 – The Service Provider: Up Close and Personal

The purpose of this module is to explore the value of customer service to the participants as well as measure their readiness to serve the clients.

Module I – Analyzing your Customer Service Mindset

   Activity: Testing your Service Proficiency

 1. Customer Service vs. Customer “Service” in the Philippine Setting

 2. Changing the Paradigm of Customer Service

 3. The Connection between Customer Service and Employee Buy-in

 4. Projecting the “Right” Service Image

Part 2 – The Customer: Understanding who they are, what they need and how to provide exceptional customer service to them

This module explores the clients’ needs and expectations. In this part of the seminar, the idea is to have the participants think like their customers thereby developing a proactive, not reactive mindset.

Module I – Profiling Your Clients

 1. Who are they?

 2. What do they need from you?

Module II – The Importance of Customer Psychology in Customer Service

 1. Emotional Intelligence Applied to Customer Service

 2. Managing Different Customer Classifications

 3. Analyzing Complaint Management Procedures

 4. Approaches to Complaint Management

Part 3 – Building the Service Culture: Living up to your Company’s Brand Promise

This part of the seminar tackles the value of the participants’ role as advocates of the company and brand. The discussion will center on specific areas of customer service excellence like communication, service procedures and complaint and customer management.

Module I – Profiling Your Clients

 1. Defining your Company and Brand of Service

 2. Customer Touch Point Mapping and Analysis

Module II – You are the Foundation of Service Excellence

 1. Mastering the Art of Calm in Customer Care

 2. Keeping Customer Service Professional

 3. Individual Activity: Writing and Sharing your Personal Customer Service Credo

Module III – Creating your Service Excellence Plan

 1. Problem and Situation Analysis

 2. Addressing the Root Causes of Service Problems

 3. Creating and Implementing a Procedural Action Plan

 4. Evaluating the Results

Participants will be entitled to the following:
 - Training Manual
 - Exercise Sheets
 - Certificate of Completion
 - Buffet Lunch at the Flavors Restaurant with Am & Pm Snacks