Communication Strategies in Gaining Commitment to Pay – Role Play Intensive

This instructor-led virtual training seeks to further enhance the skills of collection professionals who have undergone any basic collection program by the HarryPound Group.

An ideal immediate follow-up to the base program, the focus now shifts to developing the participants’ ability to make purposeful conversations with clients to secure commitment to pay and prevent the rise of problematic accounts.  

This live virtual training is designed to accelerate the behavioral skills development of collection professionals by prioritizing application/role play exercises since all participants are expected to have undergone the foundational course on Successful Collections in the New Economy.


Module I- The Basics of Effective Collection Communication

A. Enhancing your Communication Style

     1. The 3 Types of Communication

         a. Unassertive Communication

         b. Aggressive Communication

         c. Assertive Communication

B. Strategies to Develop your Assertiveness for Collection Success

     1. Courage Strategies

     2. Confidence Strategies

     3. Controlling the Conversation Strategies


Module II- Becoming a Results Oriented Collector

A. Establishing the Goal of Every Collection Call

     1. Reminder/Service Calls

     2. Falling a Little Behind

     3. Past Due  

     4. Way Past Due  

     5. Incredibly Past Due  

Role Playing Activity: Demonstrating the Collection Techniques you Use

B. Preparing Mentally for Each Call

     1. Utilizing the Power of Collection Scripts

     2. Creating Your Own Scripts

C. Making the Collection Call

     1. Establishing Credibility with Professional Opening Lines  

     2. Choice of Words and Delivery  

D. Anticipating and Managing Customer Excuses  

     1. Differentiating a Valid Excuse from a Smokescreen

     2. Questioning Techniques to Uncover Smokescreens

E. Securing Payment Commitment  

     1. Types of Appeals to Persuade Debtors to Pay  

     2. Uncovering your Client’s Motivation to Pay

     3. Creating a Sense of Urgency

Application Exercise: Identifying the tools at your disposal to secure payment commitment from clients

F. How to Respond to the Common Excuses You Encounter for Non-payment

     1. We didn’t get the bill/ Your bill is wrong

     2. We delayed payment because your service is poor

     3. We are experiencing financial problems

     4. Payment is approved but signatory is unavailable

     5. Payment is still being processed

     6. Other Reasons

Application Exercise: Creating your Collection Communication Success Map  

G. Creating Scripts for Each Customer Excuse You Have Encountered

Role Playing Activity: Presentation of Scripts to Manage Excuses to Secure Payment Commitment

H. Culminating Activity: Wrap-up and Debriefing


Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] Based on prevailing Discount Code [ valid only for registrations and payments made within the assigned due date ]

[ REGULAR RATE ] P5, 199+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date

P5, 699+VAT for on-the-day payments