Adaptive Sales Management 2023: Strategies for Improving Sales Performance in Challenging Times

Face-to-Face Public Seminar to help prepare Sales Managers and Sales Professionals for any impending market downturns before they hit. Learning how to adapt our sales strategies, sales plans and selling approaches to the changing business climate is crucial to success and profitable sustainability of our businesses.

News and signs of a weakening global economy has brought about fears and uncertainties to many business executives, especially to the leaders, managers and supervisors of sales teams. Through the years, selling has become more difficult due to changes in customer buying and competitive aggressiveness. If we add an impending slowdown in demand and purchasing into the equation, the situation may be too much to bear.

If the “soft” economic prospects for the coming year turn into reality, this is only part of the problem. Regardless of whether we experience a sales boom or a sales bust, our role as business leaders is still the same – focus on how to prepare ourselves to weather these challenges and ensure that our companies continue to succeed in the marketplace.

This is why it is important to adapt a sharp focus on sales strategies that fit the business environment that we will encounter. We all know that strategies that worked in good selling times may or may not work difficult selling times.  

The challenge for sales organizations today is to adapt to the internal and external changes in the business environment. If our approach to selling is evolving, so should the way we manage our sales teams and sales performance.

Training Objectives:

This program was developed to help sales managers and sales supervisors to develop key strategies to enhance their approach to leading sales teams and coping with the challenges they encounter.  


Key Learning Points:

1. How to analyze your Sales Situation both internally and externally

2. How to address the issues and problems you face in leading your team

3. How to create selling strategies that fit your situation to meet your sales objectives

4. How to translate these strategies into applicable selling tactics to boost your team’s ability to win sales


Module I – Analyzing your Present Sales Situation

A. External Issues and Challenges

    1. Effects of the Present Business Climate

    2. Changes in your Customers’ Buying Behavior  

    3. Changes in your Competitors  

B. Internal Issues and Challenges

    1. Company Situation and Objectives

    2. Analysis of your Products and Offerings’ Alignment to the Market

    3. Analysis of your Sales Organization

    4. Analysis of your Support Groups

C. Scenario Sales Planning based on your Challenges

    1. Specifying the Driving Forces or Threats that would affect your Sales

    2. Specifying the Weaknesses in your Sales Organization and Company

    3. Creating your Scenarios and Contingency Plans


Module II – Adaptive Sales Management Strategies

A. The Equation for Sales Optimization 

    1. Having the “Right” Sales Team

    2. Doing the “Right Things”

    3. Armed with the “Right Tools”

    4. Given the “Right Support”

    5. To persuade Clients to make the “Right Decision”

    6. “Right NOW”

B. Analyzing your Sales Team’s Effectiveness

    1. Performers vs. Slackers

    2. Sales Time Allocation

    3. Sales Activity Focus

    4. Sales Tools and Sales Support

    5. Sales Targets and Performance Measurements

    6. Instilling Discipline, Responsibility and Accountability in your Team

C. Analyzing your Sales Support Requirements

    1. Customer and Competitor Intelligence

    2. Marketing Support

    3. Budgets and Resources


Module III – Adaptive Sales Management Tactics

A. Addressing your Internal Issues  

    1. Sales Team’s Attitude and Skills Gap

    2. Accountability, Discipline and Performance

    3. Customer Value Selling Points

    4. Defined Target Accounts and Territories per Salesperson

B. Addressing your External Issues  

    1. Customers’ Need and Budget

    2. Timing and Buying Centers / Decision Makers

    3. Competitors’ Tactics  

    4. Market Trends and Developments


Module IV – Adaptive Sales Management Framework: Action Assignment

A. Adapting to the Expected Changes in your Market and Customer Base

    1. Strategies and Tactics to Apply

    2. Procedural Action Plan

B. Developing Change Imperatives in and for your Sales Team

    1. Management of Sales Activities and Performance

    2. Improvements in Sales Support and Tools  

    3. Specific Strategies and Tactics you can apply

    4. Developing your Sales Management Plan


Participants will be entitled to the following:

- Training Manual

- Exercise Sheets

- Certificate of Completion

- Buffet Lunch at the Flavors Restaurant with Am & Pm Snacks

Rates per slot:

[ BEST RATE ] Based on prevailing Discount Code [ valid only for registrations and payments made within the assigned due date ]


P19, 500+VAT for payments made beyond the assigned due date 

P20, 500+VAT for on-the-day payments