Action Tools for Effective Sales Management

Live Virtual Training: 8:30am to 12:30pm (2 days of 4-hour sessions)        

[ Limited to 15 participants only ]

Registration closes December 12, 2021                  


At the heart of every successful sale team is an effective Sales Manager.  The role of the sales manager in today’s dynamic business environment is more crucial than ever.  

Managing Sales and Salespeople can be really challenging. In sales management, good is not good enough and you have to do better than your last performance – at all times.

This makes the situation doubly hard for sales managers and supervisors because this time it’s not just the results or the salespeople that they manage but the entire sales process.

This Live Virtual Training seeks to present valuable sales management tools and techniques to help in developing a more practical and effective framework to achieve better sales results in a tough economy.

This program is for sales managers, sales supervisors and those who are being groomed for managerial or supervisory positions in sales.


Module I – The Elements of Sales Management

A. The Management Process  

B. Analyzing your Sales Management Challenges

  1. Business Environment Analysis

  2. Customer’s Buying Behavior Analysis

  3. Competitor Analysis

  4. Company Analysis

  5. The Sales Manager’s New Role


Module II – Enhancing your Sales Management Efforts

A. Common Mistakes in Sales Management

  1. Setting Unrealistic Goals and Targets

  2. Vague or Unclear Selling Systems and Structures

  3. Misdirected Feedforward and Feedback Systems

  4. Deficient Training and Learning Opportunities

B. Sales Team Analysis

  1. Objective Assessment of each Salesperson

  2. Sales Habits, Competencies and Skills Assessment

  3. Addressing your Sales Management Challenges

     a. Meeting your Sales Goals

     b. Protecting yourself from Competitor Attacks

     c. Guiding your Sales Team’s Activities


Module III – The Process of Monitoring Sales Activities

A. The Controlling and Sales Monitoring Process  

  1. Dimensions of Control

B. Analyzing the Sales Process  

  1. Analyzing the Sales Win-Loss Ratio

  2. Evaluating Sales Results: Lost vs. Closed Deals

  3. Identifying and Resolving Sales Problems and their Root Causes

  4. Implementing the Solution

  5. Evaluating the Results and Mutually correcting/re-designing activities for better performance


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