Leading Successful Salespeople in a Crisis Economy

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"How do I get all my salespeople to deliver the best results?" That's probably the question frustrated sales managers and supervisors ask themselves often. This stems from the fact that some salespeople just aren't doing what they want them to do, and they don't know what to do about it. If this is your situation, the first question to ask is, "What do you want them to do?"

A few years ago, it was good enough to direct your salespeople to "Go forth and sell a lot," but today that direction is not sufficient. Salespeople need to be guided properly in order to get the best results. The world in which we operate has changed significantly in just a year. In light of all the challenges and pressures that you and your sales team undergo every day, it is time to approach your sales management and leadership with a new perspective.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Sales Managers and Sales Supervisors

Module I - Leading your Sales Team in a Crisis Economy

A. Shifting your Mindset: From Foot Soldier to Marketing General
     1. Accepting the Change in your Role
     2. Becoming a Leader: What's in it for you?
     3. Qualities of Excellent Sales Team Leaders

B. Appreciating your Value as a Leader
     1. How do you feel about becoming a Leader: Accident or Destiny?
     2. The Management Functions
          a. Manage Resources
          b. Guide People
          c. Achieve Results

Module II - Sales Supervision and Management Elements

A. Planning your Direction
     1. Strategic Plans
          a. Clarifying Vision, Mission and Objectives
          b. Strategic Direction: Where to Compete
     2. Tactical Plans
         a. Translating Strategies into Tactical Plans
         b. Tactical Direction: How to Compete

B. Organizing your Sales Efforts
     1. Focusing on What's Important: Attitude, Skills or Both?
     2. Analyzing the Weak and Strong Points of your Salespeople

C. Motivating your Sales Team
     1. Understanding the Different Types of Sales People
          a. The Ego Sales person
          b. The Pleaser Sales person
          c. The Authority Sales person
          d. The Principled Sales person

     2. Matching Motivational Approaches to your People 
          a. An Integrated Approach to Motivation: Balancing Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards
          b. The Art of Communication

     3. Building a Formidable Team
          a. Team Forming
          b. Team Norming
          c. Team Storming
          d. Team Performing 
          e. Team Adjourning
          f. Team Celebrating

D. Controlling and Evaluating your Sales Results
     1. Sales and People Tracking: The Pipeline Approach
     2. Providing Feedback and Re-designing Activities
     3. Managing Conflicts and Team Problems
     4. Guiding Difficult Sales People


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3. The P4, 399+VAT shall apply for on-the-day payments

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Live Virtual Training

8:30am to 12:30pm
2 days of 4-hour sessions