Live webinars by HarryPound: Realistic and Responsive to the times


The wait is over.

HarryPound brings you live webinars and online training, recalibrated for the new economy. Get our Relevant, Practical, On-target solutions – digitalized and ready for the 2020 Philippine business landscape, and beyond.


The New Normal

The world has changed so much in just less than a year, and we all know it. In fact, we’ve all felt it. Now that we have somehow taken it all in and grown accustomed to our new lives, what’s next? Surely, a new playing field requires new moves and strategies on our part.

New practices have emerged. These are often referred to as the “New Normal” that we must now live with. From having to work from home, wearing masks and face shields when going outside, to “virtual” and “digitalized” everything – times have changed, fast. Alongside all of this, the Philippine economy has been greatly affected. 

We have been in a recession since the start of quarantine. With no cure yet for COVID-19, things will most likely get worse as we continue our own survival measures – starting from our respective families cutting costs, to retrenchment by many business establishments.


No more wait-and-see

However, despite being in one of the world’s longest lockdowns, there have been less restrictions on movement since then. The wait-and-see period is over (and no longer an option), remaining funds have been exhausted, and everyone is now willing to gamble just to stay alive. The battle will only get fiercer from here, as it is now survival of the fittest, of fittest. 

In a world where survival of the fittest is littered with even more trials, we scramble yet again to find our way to compete. The Philippine business landscape has changed, but we must face these challenges head-on. 


HarryPound Responds to the current situation

For those of you who:

  • Are ready to reignite the dampened passion to fight
  • Need REALISTIC and PRACTICAL solutions
  • Need easily applicable training
  • Would like interactive, convenient virtual training

in this pandemic economy, we’ve got you covered.


HarryPound’s Live Webinars are different

We know that there isn’t a single “right” solution in all of this chaos – that is just the way of this world now. The only right thing you can do is to keep on fighting and trying, and there are many ways to do that.

The world has changed, and we cannot stay the same. Let’s make sure we get the best kind of recovery in our lives. With the economy earning at only 30% of its capacity, the battle will be tougher, and you will have to win all that you can for your company to stay alive.

Are you ready to gear up to survive 2020 and beyond? Click here to take the first step towards a more promising year, even in this complex business environment.

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