Hiring and Retaining High-value Employees
DATE: April 10, 2018
TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm
VENUE: Holiday Inn and Suites, Makati

Seminar Description


This seminar will present effective strategies, methods, and techniques in recruiting, screening, and hiring the most competent applicants for a given job. In addition, this seminar will focus on planning and implementing programs and initiatives to help retain productive employees especially focused on the emerging "millennial generation" workforce.


Target Participants


Top executives, managers, and supervisors


Instructional Methods


Lectures, mental skills tests, and intensive whole group discussions of case studies and model scripts



Seminar Outline


I.  Seminar Introduction

                 A.  Welcome Remarks

                 B.  Seminar Objectives

                 C.  Seminar Coverage

                 D.  Instructional Methods


II.  Hiring Process

                 A.  Hiring Framework

                 B.  Key Principles

                 C.  Rationale

                                    1.  Costs Of Wrong Hiring

                                    2.  Benefits Of Correct Hiring

                 D.  Job Competencies Identification

                                    1.  Job Description Document Preparation

                                    2.  Job Specification Document Preparation

                 E.  Recruiting Process

                                    1.  In-Company

                                    2.  Recruitment Agencies

                 F.  Screening Process

                                   1. Resume Evaluation

                                   2. Telephone Interview

                                   3. Face-To-Face Unstructured Interview

                                   4. Psychological Tests

                                   5. Cognitive Tests

                                   6. Reference Check

                 G.  Selecting Process

                                  1. Planning

                                   2. Job Competencies Ranking

                                   3. Competency-Based Behavioral Questions Preparation

                                                        a. Critical Incident

                                                        b. Action

                                                        c. Results

                                  4. Behavioral Questions Validation        

                                  5. Interview Script Preparation

                                  6. Candidate Interview Process    

                                  7. Behavioral Examples Rating Computation

                                                       a. Competency Rating Computation

                                                       b. Final Selection Report Format

                 H.  Employment Contract Offer

                   I.  Key Success Factor


III.  Retaining Programs

               A.  Retaining Framework

               B.  Key Principles

               C.  Rationale

                              1.  Costs Of High Turnover

                              2.  Benefits Of Low Turnover

               D.  Employee Satisfaction Level Assessment

                                 1.  Focus Group Discussions

                                 2.  Organization Climate Surveys

               E.  Retaining Programs And Initiatives

                                 1. Core Programs

                                                       a. Hiring Process      

                                                       b. Compensation Package

                                                       c. Benefits Package

                                                       d. Company Orientation

                                                       e. Performance Expectation Setting           

                                                       f.  On-The-Job Training

                                                       g.  Formal Classroom Training    

                                                       h. Performance Appraisal System      

                                                       i.  Promotion System

                                                       j.  Disciplinary Action Procedure                

                                 2. Support Programs

                                                       a. Complaints Handling Procedure

                                                       b. Delegation

                                                       c. Coaching

                                                       d. Mentoring

                                                       e. Company Newsletter

                                                       f.  Suggestion Box

                                                      g.  Employee Of The Year Award

                                 3. Initiatives

                                                       a. Positive Face-To-Face Talk

                                                       b. Positive Personal Notes

                                                       c. Inter-Personal Conflict Resolution

                                                       d. Informal Breakfast Meetings

               F.  Key Success Factor


IV.  Seminar Integration

                 A.  Open Forum

                 B.  Seminar Evaluation




Rates per participant:

P8, 500+VAT if paid within the assigned due date

P9, 500+VAT if paid beyond the asigned due date ( system generated )

P10, 500+VAT for on-site payments


***INCLUDES BUFFET LUNCH at Flavors Restaurant, AMand PM Snacks***

 FREE 1 SEAT for every 5 seats availed.



RATE: 8500.00 Peso