Handling Problem Employees
DATE: February 22, 2018
TIME: 8:30am to 5:30pm
VENUE: Holiday Inn and Suites Makati


Research findings have shown that today's supervisors are fully trained in the technical aspects of their job but are woefully unprepared in handling behavior-related problems in the workplace. Indeed, these supervisors tend to back-out and isolate themselves from these critical problems in the hope that these problems will magically disappear in the near future. However, these problems remain and negatively affect the morale of other subordinates as well as the work performance of the supervisory unit.


Are your supervisors putting on a blind eye to the glaring behavior-related problems of their subordinates? Put an end to the endless procrastination and pump up the skills of your supervisors to courageously and successfully resolve these problems immediately in a highly professional manner.


This seminar will present a complete and cohesive set of behavior-based strategies and procedures for the participants to effectively identify and resolve behavior-related problems. Specifically, the participants will gain valuable knowledge and mental as well as behavioral skills in the delicate and sensitive step-by-step process of transforming a problem subordinate into a productive subordinate.


Seminar Outline


I.  Seminar Introduction

II.  Handling Problem Subordinates Framework

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Role Of Supervisor

             D.  Handling Problem Subordinates Framework


III.  Problem Subordinates Profile

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Six Categories

                        1. Defensive Posture

                                   a.  'Inferior'

                                   b.  'Slave' 

                                   c.  'Poor Me' 

                        2. Offensive Posture

                                   a.  'Dominator'

                                   b.  'Superior' 

                                   c.  'Supreme'

             D.  Problem Subordinates Identification


IV.  Emotional Intelligence ( EQ )

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C. Triune Brain Concept

             D.  Residual Negative Emotions

                         1. Dynamics

                         2. Contamination

                         3. Desired Conditions

             E.  High Intensity Residual Negative Emotions Modification

                         1. Supervisor

                                  a. Identification Process

                                  b. Contraction Techniques

                         2. Problem Subordinate

                                  a. Identification Process

                                  b. Contraction Techniques


V.  Mascaras Intelligence ( MQ )

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Mascaras Quadrant

                         1. Quadrant I: Active + Helpful

                         2. Quadrant II: Active + Not Helpful

                         3. Quadrant I: Inactive + Helpful

                         4. Quadrant II: Inactive + Not Helpful

             D.  Mascaras Inventory

                         1. Supervisor

                                  a. Identification

                                  b. Expansion

                         2. Problem Subordinate

                                  a. Identification

                                  b. Extinction

             E.  Mascaras Inventory Modification Process


VI.  Attitude Intelligence ( AQ )

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Attitude Types

             D.  Personal Beliefs Inventory

                         1. Supervisor

                                  a. Positive Beliefs

                                  b. Neutral Beliefs

                                  c. Negative Beliefs

                         2. Problem Subordinate

                                  a. Positive Beliefs

                                  b. Neutral Beliefs

                                  c. Negative Beliefs

             E.  Personal Beliefs Inventory Modification Process


VII. Intervention Strategies

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Intervention Strategies Quadrant

             D.  Strategy 1: Punitive Intervention: Conscious Mind

                          1. Disciplining

                          2. Pre-Terminating

                          3. Terminating

             E.  Strategy 2: Corrective Intervention: Conscious Mind 

                          1. Counseling

                          2. Complaints Resolution I: Non-Unionized Companies

                          3. Complaints Resolution II: Unionized Companies

             F.  Strategy 3: Corrective Intervention: Subconscious Mind 

                          1. High Intensity Residual Negative Emotions

                                       a. Identification

                                       b. Rating

                                       c. Contraction

                                       d. Validation

                          2. Difficult Situations Management

            G.  Intervention Strategies Implementation Guidelines


VIII.  Seminar Integration


Rates per participant:

P7, 500+VAT until December 21, 2017 and paid within the assigned due date 

P8, 500+VAT starting December 22, 2017 and paid within the assigned due date

P9, 500+VAT if not paid within the asigned due date ( system generated )

P10, 500+VAT for on-site payments


FREE 1 SEAT for every 5 seats availed.
* Rate for five seats availed will be based on actual date of payment.
* 5% discount no longer applicable.

Participants will be entitled to the following:
- Training manuals
- Exercise Sheets
- Certificate of Completion
- Buffet Lunch with Am & Pm Snacks at Flavors Restaurant

- Action Plan Templates that can be used to guide the participants on the
  application of the principles and concepts learned


RATE: 8500.00 Peso

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