Conflict Resolution Strategies and Techniques
DATE: October 25, 2017
TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm
VENUE: Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

Seminar Description

Recent research findings have shown that interpersonal conflicts in the workplace are inevitable and cannot be avoided. Hence, supervisors must be keenly aware of the presence of these conflicts, and more important, take the appropriate interventions to successfully resolve these conflicts. Indeed, top management expects that their supervisors will create and maintain a conflict-free environment where their subordinates are focused more on achieving the desired individual work performance targets instead of being distracted with time-wasting conflicts.

This seminar will present to the participants effective strategies, methods, and techniques in identifying and resolving destructive interpersonal conflicts between subordinates in the workplace. Specifically, this seminar will focus on the proven approaches for supervisors to plan and conduct a series of highly sensitive mediation sessions to help their subordinates resolve their conflicts in a professional manner.

Seminar Outline

I.  Seminar Introduction

II.  Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Framework

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Core Benefits

             D.  Causes Of Interpersonal Conflict

             E.  Overt Signals Detection

             F.   Role Of The Supervisor

             G.  Conflict Resolution Framework

III.  Interpersonal Conflict Dynamics

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Interpersonal Conflict Types

                        1. Pseudo Conflict

                        2. Fact Conflict

                        3. Value Conflict

                        4. Policy Conflict

                        5. Ego Conflict

                        6. Meta Conflict

                        7. Substitute Target Conflict

             D.  Interpersonal Conflict Coping Styles

                        1. Withdrawing

                        2. Accommodating

                        3. Competing

                        4. Compromising

                        5. Collaborating

             E.  Barriers To Effective Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

IV.  Workplace-Based Resolution Strategies Selection

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Six Core Strategies

                        1. Mediate

                        2. Offensive Posture

                        3. Suspension

                        4. Transfer

                        5. Facilitate

                        6. Discuss

                        7. Coach

             D.  Strategies Selection Guidelines

V.  Rapport Building Behaviors

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Non-Verbal Elements

             D.  Verbal Elements

                         1. Thoughts

                         2. Emotions

                         3. Desired Conditions

VI.  Negative Emotions Reduction

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Triune Brain Concept

             D.  Substitute Target Behaviors

             E.  Residual Negative Emotions

                         1. Emotional Dynamics

                         2. Danger Of Contamination

                         3. Desired Conditions

             F.  Residual Negative Emotions Reduction Techniques

                         1. Technique For Supervisor: ClickTrack

                         2. Technique For Subordinate: Social Panoramas

VII.  Mediation Intervention

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Mediation Intervention Process

                         1. First Pre-Mediation Session: Supervisor + Subordinate 1

                                    a. Introduction

                                    b. Residual Negative Emotions Reduction

                                    c. Extraction

                                    d. Permission To Share

                                    e. Closing

                         2. Second Pre-Mediation Session: Supervisor + Subordinate 1

                                    a. Introduction

                                    b. Residual Negative Emotions Reduction

                                    c. Revelation

                                    d. Fear Of Mediation Session Reduction

                                    e. Closing

                         3. Mediation Session: Supervisor + Subordinate 1 + Subordinate 2

                                    a. Introduction

                                    b. Cross Validation

                                    c. Desire Revision

                                    d. Solution Generation

                                    e.  Agreement Confirmation

                                    f.  Learning Points Sharing

                                    g. Closing

            D.  Mediation Intervention Guidelines

VIII.  Results Evaluation

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Resolution Effectiveness Curve

                         1. Short-Term Effects

                         2. Long-Term Effects

             D.  Handling Difficult Situations

IX.  Supportive Attitude Building

             A.  Definition

             B.  Key Principles

             C.  Personal Belief System Modification

                         1. Present Positive Beliefs Identification

                                  a. Identification

                                  b. Reinforcement

                         2. Present Negative Beliefs Identification

                                  a. Identification

                                  b. Reduction

                         3. New Positive Beliefs Addition

             D.  Future Desired Behaviors For Adding New Positive Beliefs

X.  Seminar Integration

Rates per participant:

P8, 500 + VAT until October 24, 2017 and paid within the assigned due date

P9, 500 + VAT for on-site paymets


 FREE 1 SEAT for every 5 seats availed.



RATE: 8500.00 Peso

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