Handling Problem Employees
DATE: April 5, 2017
TIME: 8:30am-5:30pm
VENUE: Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

Seminar Overview


Research has shown that today's supervisors are fully trained in the technical aspects of their job but are woefully unprepared in handling behavior-related problems in the workplace. Indeed, these supervisors tend to back-out and isolate themselves from these critical problems in the hope that these problems will magically disappear in the near future. However, these problems remain and negatively affect the morale of other subordinates as well as the productivity of the supervisory unit.

Are your supervisors putting on a blind eye to the glaring behavior-related problems of selected subordinates? Put an end to the endless procrastination and pump up the skills of your supervisors to courageously and successfully resolve these problems immediately in a highly professional manner.

This seminar will present a complete and cohesive set of behavior-based skills for the participants to effectively resolve behavior-related problems. Specifically, the participants will identify valuable skills in the delicate and sensitive step-by-step process of counseling a given subordinate with recurring bad habits. The participants will also learn how to impose disciplinary actions in instances where a given subordinate fails to improve despite participating in a series of counseling sessions.


Seminar Outline

I.  Seminar Introduction
II.  Handling Problematic Subordinates Framework
III.  Problematic Subordinates Types
             A.  'Inferior'
             B.  'Slave' 
             C.  'Poor Me' 
             D.  'Superior'
             E.  'Dominator' 
             F.  'Supreme'

IV.  Emotional Intelligence Skills Set
             A.  Key Principles
             B.  Critical EQ Behaviors 
             C.  'Mascara' Usage
             D.  Neutralizing Toxic Emotions Of Subordinates

V.  Counseling
             A.  Counseling Domain Of Supervisors
             B.  Common Bad Habits Of Subordinates
             C.  Counseling Plan Development 
             D.  Counseling Procedure

VI.  Disciplining
              A.  Decision Factors
              B.  Common Company Rules Violation Of Subordinates
              C.  Progressive Disciplining Process
              D.  Disciplinary Actions Imposition
              E.  Rationale For Disciplinary Actions
              F.   Disciplining Procedure

VII.  Terminating
              A.  Philippine Labor Code
              B.  Hard Evidences Collection
              C.  Pre-Termination Hearing Procedure
              D.  Termination Meeting Preparation Procedure
              E.  Termination Procedure 
              F.   Company Vulnerability Analysis

VIII.  Resolving Complaints 
              A.  Constructive Attitude Of Supervisors
              B.  Complaints Vs Grievances
              C.  Problem Solving Process
              D.  Company Position Disclosure
              E.  Complaints Resolution Procedure

IX.  Handling Grievances
              A.  Collective Bargaining Agreement Process
              B.  Situation Details Documentation
              C.  Resolution Strategy Formulation
              D.  Company Position Disclosure
              E.  Grievance Handling Procedure
              F.   Company Vulnerability Analysis

X.  Resolving Inter-Personal Conflicts 
              A.  Inter-Personal Conflict Types
              B.  Sources Of Conflicts
              C.  Intervention Strategies
              D.  Preparatory Mediation Procedure
              E.  Mediation Procedure

XI.  Resolving Inter-Group Conflicts
              A.  Factions Identification
              B.  Sensitivity Issues
              C.  Intervention Strategies
              D.  Informal Group Leaders Identification
              E.  Preparatory Mediation Procedure
              F.  Mediation Procedure

XII. Seminar Integration



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