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Who We Are

After over a decade of serving the Philippine market, Team HarryPound underwent a transformational restructuring in 2006 to better serve its clients.

Fueled by a burning desire to drive optimum business results, a revitalized HarryPound Consultants Inc. strengthened its commitment to continuously develop and deliver learning programs that fit the needs of the changing business landscape.

The firm's reputation is built on the foundation of providing relevant, practical and on-target learning solutions that are cost-effective and client-focused.

Our main objective is to enhance the knowledge and skills of business professionals from leading corporations and companies year after year.

Our Corporate Trainers are nationally recognized leaders in the training industry. They have proven themselves as experts in transferring valuable skills to the target trainees. In addition, they have both local and international organization-wide training and performance management system consulting experience.

What We Offer

To meet the diverse needs of the clients we serve, we have these programs to offer:

The Harrypound Difference

Our main distinction is the meticulous care that we take in making each learning program we deliver client-centered and tailor-fitted to your specific needs.

We believe that learner-centered programs are critical to ensuring optimum understanding and assimilation of the knowledge and skills that we impart.

We provide a learning environment where the learner is enhanced in both hard and soft skills. Based on our experience, behavioral and attitudinal modifications are crucial to making training more effective.

We believe in combining theory and practice, emphasizing the use of practical examples in order to reach your learning objectives.

Another key difference of our programs is we provide action assignments to guide the learners in the application of what they have learned at the end of each seminar. This is what we call the HarryPound Action Deliverables that come in the form of action assignments and action plans.

Lastly, we value the investment that our clients make by choosing us and believing in us that we are capable of delivering a return on their investment. This ROI comes in the form of better performance for their people and, eventually, for their whole company.